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Yellow Cake

Everybody needs a yellow cake recipe, one that is fine with icing or can be fancied. I’ve been itching to try the new caramel recipe I found using dates (yes, dates) and to experiment with different yellow cake recipes. And since the Schmoo cake is one of my favorites, I mixed it all together. I tried the yellow cake recipe from 1000 Gluten-Free Recipes by Carol Fenster and the Layer Cake with Vanilla and Strawberries from Gluten Free Baking by Michael McCamley. I used the Featherlight Rice Flour Mix from The Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread by Bette Hagman.


Schmoo Cake–Attempt One

IMG_0178 IMG_0179

I tried combining two different recipes for the cake. I used a gluten-free angel food cake recipe from “Gluten Free Baking” by Parragon Books and Love Food Editors with the caramel sauce and whipped cream instructions from Valerie Lugonja. The cake tasted good, but I want to perfect the cake itself. More experiments to come.

Schmoo Cake

While visiting family in Columbus, I went to Whole Foods Market before heading home. I was very pleased to see that there were green tags indicating gluten-free choices hanging from the shelf. So much easier to find food I could eat!

But what really took my breath away was the refrigerated case filled with ready-to-eat gluten-free baked goods. I picked out a vanilla cupcake (deliciously sweet icing) and a schmoo cake, which I had never heard of before. For more information and the schmoo cake recipe, click here. I have yet to make a gluten-free cake without a mix, but I definitely want to figure this one out. Experiments, commence!