Testing Cookbook Recipes–Baklava

I need help. I am working on putting a gluten-free cookbook together as part of my graphic novel project, ASHES: THE GRAPHIC NOVEL. If you are able, please test the following recipe and comment your results. Did it work? Did the recipe make sense? Thank you!


1 ¼ cup Namaste Gluten Free Perfect Flour Blend
1 cup Tapioca Starch
1 TBSP sugar
½ tsp salt
¼ tsp active dry yeast
½ cup shortening, room temperature
2 TBSP unsalted butter, room temperature
½ cup almond milk

1 cup finely ground walnuts
1 cup finely ground almonds
1/3 cup packed sugar
1 TBSP ground cinnamon

Cooking spray

1 cup sugar
½ cup water
½ TBSP lemon juice
½ tsp vanilla extract
1 large strip orange peel
Dash of vanilla extract
Dash of ground cloves
1/8 cup honey

Combine the flour, tapioca starch, sugar, salt, yeast, shortening, and butter. Use a pastry cutter.
Add milk. Using spatula, mix until a ball forms. Use hands if necessary.
Flatten dough to a disk and wrap in plastic wrap.
Chill 1 hour.

Butter a 8-inch square pan.
Divide the dough into six pieces. Return all but one to the plastic wrap.
Lay a hand towel on the counter with a layer of plastic wrap. Place the dough in the middle. Put another piece of plastic wrap over the dough. Using a rolling pin, roll the dough to a square, as thin as you can.

Remove the top plastic and carefully invert the dough over the pan. Press into bottom and edges of pan before removing plastic wrap.

Mix the nuts, brown sugar, and cinnamon until blended. Sprinkle over dough.
Repeat rolling dough and sprinkling nuts on top until final dough piece is on top and there is no more of the nut mixture.

Preheat the oven to 350.
Cut the baklava into twelve two-inch squares.
Spray the top with cooking spray.
Bake 15 minutes on the bottom rack.
Bake 10 to 15 minutes on the middle rack until the top is lightly gold.
Make the syrup. In a heavy pan, boil the sugar, lemon, lemon, vanilla, orange peel, cinnamon, and cloves.
Simmer 10 minutes.
Whisk in honey.
Remove from heat. Discard orange peel.
Drizzle syrup over baklava.
Cool completely and let stand before serving.


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