Dear Prue,

Tabitha’s Edit


Dear Prue Leith, Albert Roux, Mark Hix et Al,

I write in reply to your recent letter to the Telegraph attacking EU regulations that force restaurants to detail which items contain allergens.

With the greatest respect, you are missing the point. Isn’t the essence of food to nourish?

All disease begins in the gut’ Hippocrates

Whilst 1 in 100 people are diagnosed Coeliac, it is estimated the actual number of people with Coeliac disease is much higher as it is difficult to diagnose.  The average person with Coeliac Disease waits 10 years before diagnosis.

A growing number of people are gluten sensitive, experiencing an astonishing change in health, outlook and energy levels when they stop eating gluten.

There are many, many more people with dairy, egg, and nut allergies some of which can be life threatening.

In your letter you state;

“The regulations will reduce the spontaneity, creativity and…

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