Cajun Mac N Cheese

My friend and I made Cajun Mac N Cheese. I grew up with Kraft Mac N Cheese, but I don’t eat it anymore, especially with a gluten intolerance. Although one summer in college I did try Stouffer’s Mac N Cheese. I decided to not go out of my way for Mac N Cheese. Even though it isn’t one of my favorite dishes, I couldn’t help trying a fancy gluten-free version.

We cooked the Organic Gluten Free Elbows from Bionature. I was thrilled that none of the noodles stuck to the pan! Then in a skillet we sautéed onions in oil, added the mushrooms and green pepper. We added the tomatoes and spinach last.

In a separate pan, we created a roux (melt butter, add 2 TBSP of white rice flour), then add a cup and a half of milk. Whisk often until it has a creamy consistency, then add in shredded cheese, like sharp cheddar and Colby Jack.

Add Cajun spices and smoked paprika to the veggies and to the sauce. Drain the pasta. Combine sauce, pasta, and veggies. Then serve!


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