Friends Helping Out

I went to the grocery store searching for gluten-free products. Even though I’m not exactly sure if I’m too sensitive for oats, I’ve been keeping an eye out for oats that are free of contamination in case I’m interested. A fellow customer was looking at the oats too and asked if I tried them. I said no, I’m gluten intolerant. She said nothing and walked away. Others have responded “Well, at least now you know.” But my favorite response is when they know I’m gluten intolerant and they say “Hey, I saw gluten-free stuff at such-and-such place” or “I saw this gluten-free cookbook and bought it for you so we can try some of the recipes.”

And to those people, I say thank you.

Thank you for helping me deal with a gluten-free diet and showing me that there are more options out there. Thank you for supporting me as I deal with this lifestyle change.

And yes, now I know. Now I know what it means to not live in constant pain and feel healthy for the first time in my life.


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