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Amaranth Flour Cookies

The Amaranth Flour package had a recipe for Amaranth Carrot cookies. So I gave it a try since I had carrots leftover from the stir-fry. They were yummy and tasted similar to carrot cake.



Pork Stir-fry and Rice Noodles

While at The Andersons I found rice noodles, and at the suggestion of a friend who knows someone with gluten intolerance, she shared a pork stir-fry recipe. So I tried it. And the leftovers didn’t last more than a day. Definitely a dish I will make again.


Gluten Free Beer

Not that I drank a lot of beer before discovering my gluten intolerance, but it’s nice to have an option besides wine. At The Andersons I found some of the beers on this list, and I totally geeked out. I even sat down and told my friend to leave me there because I was just awed that there was a section for me! I bought the New Planet Raspberry Ale and some others. Loving the Raspberry.

45 Days

I survived 45 days of my own cooking, with only three meals cooked with a willing friend in both of our kitchens. Then I went to PF Chang’s. Mostly because I’ve been there before, and I knew they had a gluten-free menu. It was so amazing to finally eat out again that I nearly cried and got dessert to celebrate. And my fortune, which my waitress kindly reminded me not to eat?


Trip to The Andersons

I went to The Andersons with a friend to check out the gluten-free selection. And it was AWESOME! There were shelf tags and plenty of great items labelled gluten-free. They had a great selection of flour, chips, etc. I bought cream of rice because obviously I can’t eat cream of wheat anymore. Now I’m off to make waffles with my new waffle maker.

Gluten Free in Five Minutes

I’ve tried the brown rice flour bagel, sorghum flour bagel, and brown rice flour English muffin. I am fan of all three! It doesn’t hurt that it takes minutes to prepare them. And I already have eggs and applesauce on hand. Sure beats paying $6 for 4  gluten-free bagels. So nice to eat bagels and cream cheese again.


My favorite pasta

I used to eat spaghetti all the time. Now with a gluten-free diet, I’ve tried different pastas.

100% Corn pasta: It tastes fine, but is very dry when reheated.
Corn-Quinoa pasta from Ancient Harvest: Delicious fresh and reheated!
White and brown rice, corn, and quinoa blend pasta from Ronzoni: Delicious fresh and reheated!
Rice pasta from De Boles:  Delicious fresh and reheated!
Brown rice pasta from Tinkyada: Delicious fresh and reheated!

Verdict: Avoid 100% corn pasta if possible.

IMG_0139 IMG_0141

Friends Helping Out

I went to the grocery store searching for gluten-free products. Even though I’m not exactly sure if I’m too sensitive for oats, I’ve been keeping an eye out for oats that are free of contamination in case I’m interested. A fellow customer was looking at the oats too and asked if I tried them. I said no, I’m gluten intolerant. She said nothing and walked away. Others have responded “Well, at least now you know.” But my favorite response is when they know I’m gluten intolerant and they say “Hey, I saw gluten-free stuff at such-and-such place” or “I saw this gluten-free cookbook and bought it for you so we can try some of the recipes.”

And to those people, I say thank you.

Thank you for helping me deal with a gluten-free diet and showing me that there are more options out there. Thank you for supporting me as I deal with this lifestyle change.

And yes, now I know. Now I know what it means to not live in constant pain and feel healthy for the first time in my life.